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        Yttrium doped Molybdenum Ribbon
          Product details

          Brief Specification:

          Yttrium doped Molybdenum Ribbon is one of the key raw materials for halogen related lamps such as halogen lamps, auto lamps, metal halide lamps, and other traditional lamps.It is especially widely-used in high end traditional lamps which required high temperature material.

           With more than 20 years production experence, our product is on the top quality in China. With more than 10 tons yearly production ability, we are able to supply any companies. By holding more than 30% of domestic market share, we conduct effective sales-production-after sales service system to guarantee our customers' interest. Nowadays, we are also working with oversea companies in Germany,UK, US,Netherlands, Korea, Japan, India, and so on. Big companies such as Philips, Osram are also becoming our customers in the last year.

          The Molybdenum Ribbon has edges on both sides.With smooth surface, can perfect work on your production machine.

          Regular Specification:

          Width: 2.0-4.0mm (2.0/2.3/2.5/2.8/3.0/3.5/3.6/3.8/4.0)

          Thickness: 0.025-0.040mm(0.025/0.026/0.028/0.030/0.035/0.040)

          Tensile Strength: 850-1000N/M2


          Yttrium content:>0.5%

          Product Show:

          Yttrium doped Molybdenum RibbonYttrium doped Molybdenum Ribbon


          SGS test passed.

          ISO9000 passed.

          RoHS passed.


          Individual carton package with inner box.

          Firm outer box.

          We support OEM colorful inner box & outer box.


          We support 3 kinds of shipping method:

          1. International express, like DHL, FEDEX, EMS, UPC, etc.

          2. Airfreight.

          3. Ocean shipping

          Payment terms:

          1. For small order: 100% payment via Paypal or Western Union or Bank transfer.

          2. For bulk order:100% prepaid or by agreements. 

          Delivery time:

          1. For small order: 7-14 days after your payment.

          2. For large order: 15-30 days after your deposit.

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